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Monday, February 26, 2018  
 PVG Act - Update January 2011    

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme


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Date set for PVG Scheme commencement

The PVG Scheme is to go live on 28 February 2011, Children's Minister, Adam Ingram announced today. 

The scheme had been due to commence at the end of November 2010 but Ministers took the decision to postpone its introduction to ensure the system which supports it is fully fit for purpose and robust. 

Mr Ingram said:
"I have been assured by the PVG Scheme Programme Board that the system's development is now on track and have agreed that the scheme will commence on 28 February 2011 - delivering increased protection, alongside efficiency savings and less bureaucracy."

Employers will be sent supplies of the new PVG Scheme application forms early next month and be kept up to date with progress. 

The PVG Scheme will be implemented well within the budget of £53 million set in 2009 and the Scottish Government is bearing all of this cost.  Checks for volunteers working in the qualifying voluntary sector will be free of charge. 

The scheme only applies to people who work, paid or unpaid, with children and protected adults and it does not apply to parents helping their children or personal arrangements that parents make with friends and family to look after their children. 

PVG Scheme Help Service
Tel: 0870 609 6006
Email: pvg.enquiries@scotland.gsi.go.uk.


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